Web analytics

everything starts with data, and we understand and interpret it very well

Marketing is visionless without analytics

Without data on website visits, you can’t tell if you’re getting closer or further away from your goal.  By obtaining precise data via web analytics, you can identify where your opportunities lie, enabling you to make targeted marketing investments that will bring the fastest return on investment (ROI).

We help you discover your strengths and weaknesses through high-quality and detailed analytics so that you can improve your website’s online visibility and build your brand’s reputation. Let’s start collecting data today.

As important as it is to invest in marketing, tracking analytics is just as important, if not more so.

Analytics reveals customer behavior, making it more predictable

Our data collection tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and others, help us understand what’s happening on your website, enabling us to optimize Google Ads campaigns and do conversion rate optimization.

The collected data tells us:

  • who visits your site;
  • where visitors to your site come from;
  • how visitors behave on your site;
  • which parts of your site are high quality and which are not;
  • how much revenue each page brings;
  • what does the “Path to Purchase” look like;
  • how successful your campaigns are, etc.

As a result of all these data, we are able to create targeted campaigns that are highly effective.

With cutting-edge digital strategies and data-driven insights,
we put your client/customer at the forefront of every decision.


We analyze how analytics are implemented on your web, whether the data is correct and whether we are tracking everything important to you.

Strategy and goal development

We define the goals and data we wish to monitor, the methods by which they will be implemented, and how we will analyze the results we have obtained.


Our team defines the steps for implementing changes, combines them with analytical tools for the necessary measurements, and implements the changes ourselves or together with your development team.


Transparency is our advantage, so we deliver you weekly or monthly results reports, and we can

Optimization and support

Regularly, we analyze all results to ensure they are accurate and precise. We keep you informed about changes and identify opportunities for your business to grow.


Of course! We will prepare the codes and send them to your developer for implementation.

Of course! We can also prepare Google Tag Manager codes that your developer will implement on your site. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Data helps us understand your users, and understanding them makes it easier to convert them into customers.

Although web analytics alone aren’t enough, it can provide valuable information for upgrading and improving a site.

In most cases, analytical tools (such as Google Analytics) provide accurate enough data to make decisions. However, the accuracy of the data depends mainly on how the tool is implemented on the website.