Web Analytics

Analytics is the best indicator of a good or bad webpage. Tracking visitor visitor’s interaction with your website and marketing channels is the key to improving your results. We analyze your website to the smallest detail in order to emphasize your strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to Web Analytics in particular, we can build an online marketing strategy that will improve your website’s visibility and build your brand’s reputation.

A Key Part of a Good Online Marketing Strategy

Data and reports are the foundation of everything we do. Web analytics provides us with detailed information about all the strategies and it creates the structure on which all other online marketing areas and strategies are based. Through analytics, we can track all the elements on your website and bring you closer to the achievement of your goals. Thanks to web analytics we can determine if your webpage is effective or not. We work dedicatedly on each segment of your marketing campaign and through analytics, we make sure that campaign results do not deviate from the original plan. It helps us build better search engine strategies and tactics.

What does Web Analytics Involve?

  • Analysis of campaign performance
  • Digital strategy, goals and KPIs
  • Ecommerce Performance Analysis (eCommerce)
  • Mobile device usage analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • Heat maps analysis
  • Path to Purchase analysis
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Audience hyper-targeting
  • Tag management
  • Regular reports
    and much more …

Why is Web Analytics Important?

If you don’t have or just don’t track web analytics on your website, you are missing the opportunity to find out which activities are bringing you results and which are not. So you get yourself into a situation when you don’t know if there’s room for improvement of your website’s performance and online marketing activities in general or what should you do in order to improve them.


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