Google ads advertising

Paid advertising on search engines

because we know how to get you to the ideal customer ready to buy

Attention-grabbing ads (What is Google Ads?)

Google Ads is the most effective and cost-effective way of paid advertising on the Internet. It allows you to advertise  , increase the number of visits to your website and increase your company’s income.

Whether it’s text or video ads, on news portals and blogs, or even just on mobile devices, it’s important that the ad matches the customer’s preferences and is displayed exactly where the customer spends the most time. You can leave all of that to us because with our experience and knowledge, your ads will surely find their way to the right people.

The type and position of the ad in accordance with the behavior of the ideal customer

By following campaign goals and a detailed description of your ideal customer, we create ads for all Google Ads channels, such as:

  • Google search network;
  • Display Network featuring millions of websites, videos and apps;
  • YouTube;
  • Shopping channel;
  • Gmail;
  • and other possibilities offered by Google.

Having achieved excellent results with our advertising campaigns, Google recognized us as a Google Partner.

Getting to know your business and analysis

With a combination of experience, tools, and goals, we determine the best approach based on your business and the specifics of your service or product.

Strategy and goal development

The strategy we create is specific to the target audience, markets, and the campaigns and ads are tailored to your business.

Creating campaigns

By combining different types of campaigns and ads, we create the most effective combinations to achieve the agreed results.


Transparency is our advantage, so we deliver you weekly or monthly results reports, and we can also create advanced reports

Optimization and support

We analyze the results, monitor changes in the markets and use the obtained results to improve, test and allocate budgets to the campaigns that bring the most results.


Yes, depending on the needs of your business, we also create campaigns for other search engines.

Most ads are charged per click, and some like YouTube ads are charged per view.

There is no universal answer to this question. The budget mostly depends on your industry, but don’t worry, our team will suggest the ideal budget to start and achieve the desired results.

Since we love to educate our clients, we will advise you on which digital channel is worth investing in when it comes to your business.

For some businesses, just advertising on Google is enough, while for others it is only part of the marketing mix. We can tell you more precisely what is best for you once we understand your business and goals.