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Students, get to know the world of digital marketing

Join our internship execution agency and learn digital marketing from scratch.

because we like to share knowledge

We cooperate with the Pula Faculty of Informatics

We concluded a contract on the performance of professional practice with the Faculty of Informatics in Pula. During the internship with us, students can learn about digital marketing in general, SEO optimization, creation and optimization of websites adapted to marketing goals and measurability, Google tools, posts on Facebook and Instagram social networks, paid campaigns on Google and Facebook.

Our goal is to teach students the basics of digital marketing (what it is and how it works) and direct them towards a specific area that interests them the most. When students have a good foundation, they start working on real projects, with full mentoring. This means that no part of the code, design or advertisement is approved without the review of the mentor and the project manager.

We want students to get a feel of what it’s like to work in an agency, on real projects, because we believe that there is no benefit in working on fictional tasks and hypothetical cases.

What do the students who have had an internship with us say

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