E-mail marketing

because we can help you achieve sales already in your customer’s inbox

With email marketing, you build a loyal community of customers

Personalized messages that arrive in the customer’s inbox build a sense of importance and connection with the brand. And once a customer begins to trust the brand, he becomes part of a loyal community that buys again and again and recommends the service or product to others.

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but it only works if it is built on a solid foundation, and we are experts in building good foundations. Let your messages reach the right people in the right way.

Get customers already in their inbox – use e-mail marketing

Every step should be carefully planned

In order for email marketing to be successful, every detail, even the smallest, must be carefully considered:

  • we create email campaigns using professional tools;
  • messages are designed to target the desired (re)action;
  • we take care that every email is delivered successfully;
  • we test headlines, e-mail content, messages, CTA, and the time of sending the newsletter to get a winning combination;
  • we monitor each campaign and report the results to you.

By establishing a direct relationship with your current and potential customers, we build a strong, engaged community without intermediaries.


We analyze your business, segment your audience, and analyse your products and services.

Strategy and goal development

As a result of the analysis, we define in the strategy the dispatch schedule, types of campaigns, and methods of testing, based on audience segments and agreed-upon measurement data.


We design responsive emails, personalize content, create different campaigns, measure defined data, optimize CTA, do A/B testing…


When successfully sent emails are analyzed, we inform you about the audience’s behavior and the defined goals.


Our team analyzes sent campaigns, optimizes titles and messages, and calls to action, and maintains an e-mail address database.


E-mail marketing is your best option if you want to communicate more with your existing client base.

At Mijena, we mostly use the Mailchimp platform, which proved to be one of the best.

We send newsletters according to the agreement with the client.

Of course, we also do newsletter campaigns in order to engage your existing customers and deepen trust.

All materials are made in agreement with you and sent to you for approval. It is important to us that you are involved in this entire process.