Lunetta: How We Increased Conversion Rate and Decreased Cost Per Conversion

Lunetta is a company that specializes in fashionable reading glasses, sunglasses, over-glasses, safety eyewear and accessories. They are a Swiss company with a long history of supplying high-quality products at fair prices. They approached us to help them improve their Google Ads campaign performance.

Increasing the conversion rate

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Cost per conversion reduction

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Client Testimonial

It was a pleasure to work with the Mijena agency and I must say that the team is very educated and competent. They made a real difference in my project, turning it from an unprofitable venture to a profitable one.
They were also very helpful throughout the process and their communication skills are exceptional. All in all, I would highly recommend the Mijena agency to anyone looking for excellent marketing services.

Roman P.

About Lunetta specializes in fashionable reading glasses, sunglasses, over glasses, safety eyewear and accessories. Their Swiss tradition combined with their commitment to high quality and fair prices makes them a leader in the industry. In addition to supplying retailers with their products for many years, Lunetta has a strong connection to the local community. Now, they are increasingly selling directly to consumers via the webshop. This allows them to provide better quality at lower prices. Lunetta values direct contact with its clients, which helps us continually improve the products. Lunetta’s mission is high quality at fair prices.


The primary objective of the client was to increase Lunetta’s conversion rate while decreasing the cost per conversion.


The client’s main challenges were low conversion rates, high cost per conversion, and being unable to scale the Google Ads Campaigns.


After performing an audit of the client’s account we’ve noticed that the account was poorly structured, the keywords were too broad and the bidding was set too high. We’ve restructured the account by using more “bottom of the funnel” keywords related to the client’s products and adjusted the bidding to achieve a better return on investment. In addition, we used both display and search remarketing campaigns to better capture potential buyers familiar with the webshop.

Services provided:

Google Ads audit

Google Ads strategy

Google Ads account restructure

Google Ads Search Campaign

Google Ads creatives for Advertising

Google Ads ongoing optimization


We were also able to increase the conversion rate by 6.90%. Additionally, we managed to decrease the cost per conversion by 56.21%. The average CPC decreased by -53.18%. Overall, we were able to improve the campaign performance compared to the same period last year, as well as finally making the campaigns profitable for the client.