Google Ads Advertising

Google Ads advertising is the most useful and the most cost-effective form of online paid advertising. It allows you to promote your business in global markets, to increase the number of visitors to your website and to make your business more profitable. Google Ads, as an advertising platform, has many advantages. It shows your ad to your potential customers but you pay only when people actually click on your ad, no matter how many times it was displayed in search results.


Google Ads (AdWords) Search

Promote your products and/or services with text ads on the world’s largest search engine – Google.

Google Shopping

With Google Shopping campaigns you can reach people who are searching for the products that you are selling on Google search engine.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising allows you to run advertising campaigns for your videos on the most popular online video sharing service.


Promote your multimedia ads on news portals, blogs and all other websites that allow that type of advertising.

Google Mobile

With mobile advertising, we make sure that your ad is displayed on Google and YouTube apps to mobile device users.


Increase conversion rates and improve ROI by advertising to people who have already shown interest in your services by visiting your website.


Google Ads (AdWords) Advertising Procedure:

  • Google Ads account creation or review
  • Landing page optimization
  • Keywords research and selection
  • Unique Google Ads ad creation
  • Campaign building and management
  • Optimal budget management
  • Detailed reporting tailored to your needs

We are proud holders of the Google certificate, awarded to us by Google for the excellent results of our advertising campaigns.


We believe in transparency and simplicity. Therefore, all our clients regularly receive customized reports that give them clear insight into the amount of money that was spent and the progress that was made towards the set goals. Set your goals and receive weekly or monthly reports. Moreover, we recommend weekly revisions and we encourage our clients to meet us once a month to discuss new ideas, goals and strategies.


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