E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing is a way of driving online customers to an e-commerce site with the goal of making an online purchase of a product or service. A successful e-commerce marketing campaign requires experts in SEO optimization, PPC marketing, Social network marketing, and Display advertising to achieve the best results.

Our services

SEO Optimization

We help you achieve high ROI by running a successful e-commerce SEO campaign.

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Google Ads (AdWords)

Through paid ads and precise targeting, we drive online customers to your webpage.

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Social networks

Our social network advertisement services include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...

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SEO optimization

SEO optimization is essential for e-commerce marketing. It is based on special algorithms that analyze the instances of specific keywords on your website. The majority of users find your websites through search engines like Google, which means that the success of your website depends very much on SEO optimization. A good SEO campaign will place your e-commerce page to a higher position in search engines.

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Google Ads (AdWords)

PPC or pay per click advertising works just like SEO optimization, as it is based on keywords. However, while SEO generates organic or free traffic for your site, through PPC advertising your ads are displayed on Google search engine pages and you pay whenever someone clicks on your ad. What’s important to emphasize is that you are not charged for the display of your ad.

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Social Network Marketing

Social Network Marketing can play a significant role in the success of your e-commerce site. Through social networks, you can promote your products, discounts, or special offers, but also connect with your customers and communicate with them. By so doing you build long-term relationships with your customers and making your business more trustworthy.

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Web Analytics

Analytics is the best indicator of a good or bad webpage. Tracking visitor’s interaction with your website and marketing channels is the key to improving your results. We analyze your website to the smallest detail in order to emphasize your strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to web analytics in particular, we can build an online marketing strategy that will improve your website’s visibility and build your brand’s reputation.

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How can we Help you?

Most of our new clients come primarily through the recommendations and references of our existing clients and friends who are familiar with the way we work and our results. We do not believe in a sales approach alone, so please have a look at our reference page in order to better understand what we do and how we work. We form prices based solely on your current situation and the business goals you want to achieve.


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