Consulting and Education

We are proud to have contributed to the empowerment of our clients through education. We value establishing long-term relationships with our clients, but at the same time, we understand the importance of client independence and education. If you want your online marketing campaign to be successful, you will have to learn about online marketing platforms and understand how your website works.

Training Courses For Legal Entities

We will be glad to introduce you to the basic or the advanced features of online marketing platforms for online advertising such as Google Ads (AdWords), Google Analytics, social networks or online marketing processes such as SEO. We can also help you develop a strategy that will bring you new visitors, convert existing visitors to your customers, and ultimately increase your earnings.

Mijena-Training Courses For Legal Entities

Mijena-Training Courses For Natural Persons

Training Courses For Natural Persons

If you are interested in online advertising and would like to learn how it works in practice or to improve your existing knowledge, we are here for you. Whether you are a beginner or you have advanced knowledge of online marketing platforms, we customize our training courses to match your level of knowledge and needs. We take you through theory and practice.

What we offer

We offer training courses in Web Analytics, SEO Optimization, Google Ads (AdWords) and Social Networks.

Web Analytics

We help you understand the setup, analysis, and the interpretation of your analytical data in order for you to build an optimal advertising and website improvement strategy.

SEO Optimization

We help you learn how to optimize your website for both search engines and people to increase its visibility in search engines.

Google Ads (AdWords)

We help you structure your campaigns, set up keywords, extend and write ads, as well as understand the performance of your campaigns.

Social networks

We teach you how to properly use all the potential of social networks - from making pages or profiles on the social network to communication and paid advertising.

Our Experience

We acquire our knowledge and skills by working daily on various projects and campaigns of our clients, by constantly monitoring trends in the world of advertising and their application on existing projects. That we like transferring our knowledge to others is obvious from the fact that we have plenty of experience in providing training courses for clients both individually and through seminars and workshops in front of a large audience.

What we Offer?

Whether you want to enhance your general knowledge or to solve a specific problem in the field of online advertising, we adapt to your needs. Through our educational approach, you will acquire relevant knowledge in line with the latest trends in the world of online advertising. We teach you about online advertising through practical examples so that you can gain independence in understanding online marketing platforms and processes such as:

  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Creating Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns
  • Creating paid social network campaigns
  • Managing and optimizing Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns
  • Managing and optimizing social network campaigns
  • Setting up and using Google Analytics


Want to educate yourself or your employees?